Lesson 2 = Bòt thêe sŏrng = บทที่ ๒

Why do I not teach how to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good everything?

That is because we do not say such a thing in Thai. It would sound very much like a western culture.

Speaking of the disregard of time in Thai context, I can think of another thing to mention: One plus point for Thai language is that there is no verb nor gender conjugation. (Hurray!!!) I have tried to search for the explanation:


I agree with response no. 16: Perhaps we Thai people do not think so much about the time. (?) For English speakers, different tenses would show different feeling whereas Thai has particle words to express the sentiment of the speaker.

e.g. Can you come with me, please?

Could you come with me, please?

v.s. มาด้วยกันได้มั้ย


The person concludes by citing geographical reason that as opposed to Western countries with 4 seasons, Thailand is in tropical area and food is abundant. As a result, we are not much concerned about the time and planning, just live for the day, as we think that there would still be food tomorrow even if we don’t plan.

In contrast, there are 4 seasons in Europe, for example, and most of trees grow best in Spring (hereby the name réudoo bai mái phlì (ฤดูใบไม้ผลิ) = season that leaves blossom). Therefore planning (and timing) is very important in order to have enough supply throughout the nâh láeng (หน้าแล้ง) = season that we are not able to harvest any plant due to lack of suitable temperature or amount rainfall.

Oh and I found another one:


Every language emphasizes on different things: English emphasizes on time (different tenses), Thai emphasizes on the person (different pronouns for different age/rank/social status/relationship), Chinese emphasizes on feeling and story (a lot of 4-word idioms with very deep and interesting meaning/explanation).




are just so hilarious.


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