Disappear = Haăi = หาย

Haăi means “to disappear”:

เอ๊ะ พี่นกหายไปไหนแล้ว

Éh P’ Nók haăi pai năi laéw

Eh where has P’ Nok disappeared to?


Rawng thaáo nák rian khŏrng chăn haăi pen khráng thêe sèe

My school shoes have disappeared for the fourth time!

(The fact is that shoes cannot disappeared by themselves – therefore this sentence subtly means that someone has stolen the shoes, and caused them to ‘disappear’.)


Other usages::

(Illness to disappear):

ไม่สบายเหรอ หายไวๆ นะคะ

Mâi sàbaai rĕr.. Haăi wai wai ná khá

Are you not feeling well? Please get well soon.

(Disappeared = lost = similar to the 2nd example):

น้องชายทำเงินหาย ก็เลยถูกคุณแม่ดุ

Nórng chaai tham ngern haăi kôr loei thòok khun mâe dù

Younger brother lost his money, that’s why he got scolded by mom.

(To be used with “jai” – mind; heart):

หายใจเข้า หายใจออก

Haăi jai khâo.. haăi jai òrk..

Breathe in.. Breathe out.. Inhale.. Exhale..

(To be used with “jai” – mind; heart) – another meaning:

เดือนหน้าพวกเราก็จะเรียนจบแล้ว ใจหายเนอะ

Deuan nâh phûak rao kôr jà rian jòb láew.. jai haăi nér..

We are going to graduate next month.. I feel so astounded..

In this sentence, the person feels astounded at the fact that time flies.



What does this sentence mean: Yàh kròht rao ná.. Dee kan.. Haăi kan ná..

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