Loi kràthong

Have you heard of this festival called Loi kràthong? This year it falls on 17 November.

Loi kràthong festival or “floating lantern” festival is celebrated on the full moon night of 12th month based on Thai calendar year. It is thought to be around for more than 700 years. Thai people believe that this would help to get rid off a bad karma. Also, it is considered a ceremony to apologize the Goddess of River (Phrá Mâe Khong Khaa) as Thai people live by rivers and make full use of the water.

Typically kràthong is made of banana trunk and banana leaves.


Nevertheless, there are some debates ongoing as to what materials should be used to make kràthong among: Styrofoam (easy to remove, not environmental friendly, might be suitable for smaller ponds), banana trunk (will rot within 1-2 days), or bread (will rot in less than a day, but fish might be able to finish some). If you ask me, banana trunk is still the best solution, but a waste management plan (right on the next day) should be put in place.

In any case, sùk săn wan loi kràthong 🙂

loy krathong


Additional credit: valentino.exteen.com, www.gangtoon.com

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