Christmas vs New Year

Do you know that 31 December is a public holiday in Thailand?

And also, we don’t exactly celebrate Christmas for an obvious reason – majority (>85%) of us are buddhists and Christmas has nothing to do with us. However, being commercialized it slowly becomes, coupled with it being close to the year end, we take it as a cause for celebration. The meaning? No. The fun? Yes.

I am not here to write another history on Christmas, I am just here to say that the Thai don’t exchange Christmas presents. In fact, we do exchange New Year presents. I remember that when I was in secondary school, some years we had a gift exchange, or a lucky draw. It’s always fun to guess what is inside the box:


(Credit photo:

On top of that, some schools could be holding a Sports Day (วันกีฬาสี) – the day that most people were looking forward to. Sports, parades, stand decoration, and of course, cheerleaders. I was not very active then, so I couldn’t participate in any sports. I wasn’t very art-inclined, so I couldn’t help with the decoration of stand. I wasn’t pretty, so of course I didn’t think about being a cheerleader. Only in my final year, secondary 6, some people saw something in me – a face with a potential to make people part with their money = business manager (Singapore’s university equivalent). Frankly speaking, I don’t remember doing much for sports day. I did some fund raising for my batch’s yearbook, though.



Drum Majors (or Majorettes? — a new term coined by me)


Very pretty 🙂


Also pretty!

(Credit photos:

Ok I seem to digress – a lot – let’s get back to the new year topic!

Here is for you to practise:


Sàwàtdee pee mài

Hello New Year!

I’ll be back with the Thai new year song for you! Stay tuned!

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