One Word A Day : ใจ

Today’s word is ใจ//jai

This word falls in a group of 20 words with ใ- and you have to learn it by heart.

1. A heart; a mind, a soul

ใจ//jai can be seen in other compound words – there are so many of them:

เข้าใจ//khâo jai = to understand

พอใจ//phor jai = to be contented

ดีใจ//dee jai = to be glad; to be pleased

เสียใจ//sĭa jai = to be upset; to be apologetic

And the list goes on..

Please note that in the clip I have included a popular (?) mistake which can often be seen written over the internet by youngster nowadays (not that I’m THAT old). Some think it’s cool to spell differently but those words just give me a headache.

Until the next word!


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