One Word A Day : กำ

1. (noun, classifier) to be used with

– an item that resembles a stick, such as pencils or stalks (of flowers, plants);

– tiny items that can be held in one hand, such as rice grain, sweets, beads.

2. (verb) to grab or to hold onto something by wrapping around the item with 5 fingers.

3. (noun, northern dialect) word; eg. คำเมือง means local dialect or northern dialect.

4. (interjection, colloquial, internet slang) This word is derived from กรรม which means karma. Both words have the same pronunciation. However some people (most are teenagers) use กำ as it is shorter to type (even though this would give their Thai language teacher a big headache). It signifies disappointment. The closest English line would be “what the…”.


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