Lesson 16 = Bòt thêe sìb hòk = บทที่ ๑๖

น่า//Nâh + action is used to describe other things. I would actually say that when something is Nâh + action means it makes you want to do that action. Examples below illustrate the differences between Action and Nâh + action.

รัก//Rák vs. น่ารัก//Nâh rák

Love vs. Make me want to love

0uCredit picture: Line


Chăn rák ther phrór ther nâh rák

I love you because you are lovely.

กิน//Kin vs. น่ากิน//Nâh kin

Eat vs. Make me want to eat

0dCredit picture: Line


Chăn kin cake phrór cake nâh kin

I eat cake because cake looks tasty.

ฟัง//Fang vs. น่าฟัง//Nâh fang

Listen vs. Make me want to listen


Credit picture: Line


Chăn fang phlehng née phrór phlehng née nâh fang

I listen to this song because this song is nice to hear.

กลัว//Klua vs. น่ากลัว//Nâh klua

To be scared vs. Make me scared


Credit picture: here


Chăn klua phĕe phrór phĕe nâh klua

I am scared of ghosts because ghosts are scary.

เบื่อ//Beùa vs. น่าเบื่อ//Nâh beùa

To be bored by (or sick of) vs. Make me bored

1206267126 Credit picture: here


Chăn beùa khăo phrór khăo nâh beùa

I am bored by him (or I am sick of him) because he is boring.

สนใจ//Sŏn jai vs. น่าสนใจ//Nâh sŏn jai

To be interested in vs. Make me interested in


Credit picture: here


Chăn sŏn jai phaasăh Thai phrór phaasăh Thai nâh sŏn jai

I am interested in Thai language because Thai language is interesting.


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