Mài = ใหม่

Action + mài = To do the action one more time

เขียนไม่สวยเลย ทำใหม่ๆ

Khĭan mâi suăi loei, tham mài tham mài

The writing is not nice at all, write again!


Ao mài láew kan

Let’s try again.


Lorng mài ná khá

Let’s try again.

Be careful, mài used with and without the classifier of the noun in front can mean different thing:


Kâew mài

New glass



Kâew bai mài

New/another glass


Seûa mài

New shirt



Seûa tua mài

New/another shirt

Question: Is there any difference between these two:

แฟนใหม่ // Faen mài

แฟนคนใหม่ // Faen khon mài


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