I am back!!

I have been gone for exactly one month! Here is what I have been doing:

– Immerse myself in French language environment (3 classes per week)

– Speak up during the class (Most important – Not afraid of making a mistake, the teacher will help to correct. Je lui ai dit, je leur ai dit, je leur ai toujours dit. Oops, sorry, this is how I learn. Repeat and repeat and repeat.)

– Listen (on and off) to French news

– Watch Japanese anime dubbed in French – how cool is that? (I wish to clarify: I don’t exactly fancy French TV series so I know I will not enjoy it. I love Japanese anime so why not I take advantage of that to brush up my French listening skill.)

To be honest, I am not exactly good at French especially the listening. Sure, I can talk to people. But when it comes to news, TV programs, TV series, I am just dead.

I hope you can learn from my examples above and apply them when learning Thai. Apart from the usual Thai TV series, someone has actually already started watching GTO in Thai. (I myself am watching Nana in French.. haha..)

So people, it is time to tune in to your favorite TV channel (or youtube.com) and pick your favorite shows today!


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