Words with ใ- (4) สะใภ้//sàphái

สะใภ้//sàphái simply means ‘female in-law’.

For example:

Wife of younger brother = น้องสะใภ้//Nórng sàphái (regardless of her age – even if she is older than you, she is still regarded as such.)

Wife of older uncle = ป้าสะใภ้//Pâh sàphái

Wife of father’s younger brother = อาสะใภ้//Ah sàphái

What about ‘male in-law’?

Husband of older sister = พี่เขย//Phêe khoĕi

Husband of older aunt = ลุงเขย//Lung khoĕi

Husband of mother’s younger brother = น้าเขย//Náh khoĕi

Ok speaking of relative terms, let’s see below for a really basic Thai family tree:

Slide1Hope this is helpful for a beginner. Of course, as these people get married, and have children, things get more complicated. We can discuss about this at a later time.

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