Be humble

Apparently it takes longer than expected to come up with a proper entry for the next word with ใ-. So here I am presenting one very useful expression:

ถ่อมตัว//thòrm tua

ถ่อมตัว//thòrm tua means to be humble.

เขาเป็นคนเรียนเก่ง แต่ก็มักจะถ่อมตัวว่าเขาไม่เก่ง

Khǎo pen khon rian kèng tàe kôr mák jà “thôrm tua” wâh khǎo mâi kèng.

He is good at studying but he is usually being humble about it and says otherwise.


Khon thòrm tua kheu khon thêe mâi “khui woh ôh ùad”

Those who are humble are not boastful.


Credit pic: here

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