Words with ใ- (8) ใส่//sài

This has two different usages:

  • to put in

กาแฟใส่นม // kaafae sài nom

Coffee puts (lit.) milk = Coffee with milk


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ชาไม่ใส่น้ำตาล // chaa mâi sài námtaan

Tea doesn’t put (lit.) sugar = Tea without sugar


(At least for me I don’t add sugar or honey in my camomile tea.)

ส้มตำไม่ใส่พริก // sôm tam mâi sài phrík

Papaya salad doesn’t put (lit.) chilli = Papaya salad without chilli (how can this be possible!)


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  • to put on, to wear

ใส่เสื้อ // sài seûa

To put on clothes


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ใส่รองเท้า // sài rawng thaáo

To put on shoes

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For this option, it is possible to use สวม//sǔam as well.

  • เอา ___ ใส่ // ao ___ sài

เอาเสื้อใส่(ใน)กางเกง // ao seûa sài (nai) kaang kehng

To put (lit.) the shirt into the pants = To tuck your shirt into the pants

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เอาข้าวใส่(ใน)กล่อง // ao khaâo sài (nai) klàwng

To put (lit.) rice into the (lunch) box


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ใส่ใจ // sài jai

As we just learnt, ใจ means heart or mind. When you are doing something and you put your heart into it, it means that you pay attention or you simply bother. The opposite is true: ไม่ใส่ใจ//mâi sài jai means you don’t put your heart into it, and therefore you cannot be bothered to do something (properly). On top of this, ใส่ใจ // sài jai also means to be attentive (of course, when you are paying attention, you are attentive).

ใส่อารมณ์ // sài ahrom

อารมณ์ // ahrom means mood or emotion. When the emotion is added to your thought, the result of your thought (or action) can be affected. Hence, we always say:

ทำอะไรอย่าใส่ (หรือ ใช้) อารมณ์

Tham àrai yàh sài (OR chái) ahrom

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