Elephants = ช้าง // cháang


Elephants are one of the largest mammals that live on land. They can be taught to follow human’s instruction, and can be trained to work. In the past, elephants were employed during war time. And because of that, they were awarded royal/military ranks.

The exceptional thing about elephants does not end here. Even words, or ‘classifier’ in particular, used with them are also special:

Wild elephant (ช้างป่า//cháang pàh) – Classifier is ตัว//tua


 Credit pic: here

Trained elephant (ช้างบ้าน//cháang bâhn) – Classifier is เชือก//cheûak


Credit pic: here

Sovereign elephant (ช้างหลวง//cháang lǔang) – Classifier is ช้าง//cháang


Credit pic: here


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