Words with ใ- (15) ใน//nai

ใน//nai means ‘in’, ‘inside’, as simple as that.

ในบ้าน//nai bâhn = inside a house


Credit pic: here

ในใจ//nai jai = in one’s mind, in one’s head


Credit pic: here

ข้างในมีอะไร//khâang nai mee àrai = What is there inside?


Credit pic: here

Additional usages:

ในทางกลับกัน//nai thaang klàb kan = on the other hand

ในที่สุด//nai thêe sùd = in the end

ในร่ม//nai rôm = indoor

And of course, the most important person whom I cannot forget:

ในหลวง//Nai Lǔang


Credit pic: here

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