Words with ใ- (19) ใย//yai

This is the second last word in this set. Let’s look at how to use:

ใย//yai as a noun, this means web (think ใยแมงมุม//yai maeng mum = spiderweb) or fiber (think ใยแก้ว//yai kâew = fiberglass).

ห่วงใย//hùang yai

To be concerned about, to care about


Credit pic: here

Be careful, though:


Khăo mâi sài jai yai dee chăn loei

He doesn’t care about me at all.

ใย//yai can also mean “why” but this is highly literary, nobody use this word in spoken Thai. Unless you want to be seen as a poet or more likely a wannabe.

ท่านไม่รักข้า แล้วใยท่านจึงมาหาข้าในยามนี้

Thâan mâi rák khâa laew yai thâan jeung mah hăh khâa nai yaam née


Credit pic: here

Translated into standard spoken Thai:

คุณไม่รักฉัน แล้วทำไมคุณจึงมาหาฉันตอนนี้

Khun mâi rák chăn láew thammai khun jeung mah hăh chăn torn née

You don’t love me, so why do you come to see me now?

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