Lesson 22 = Bòt Thêe Yêe Sìb Sŏrng = บทที่ ๒๒

We have seen in Lesson 20 that

Verb + mâi pen = don’t know how to Verb.

We have also known that

Verb + mâi dâi = cannot Verb.

Let’s look at the difference:-

วันนี้ฉันไม่ค่อยสบาย ก็เลยว่ายน้ำไม่ได้

Wannée chăn mâi khôl sàbaai kôr loei waâi nám mâi dâi

I am not feeling quite well today, that’s why I cannot swim.


Credit pic: here

ฉันไม่เคยเรียนว่ายน้ำ ฉันก็เลยว่ายน้ำไม่เป็น

Chăn mâi khoei rian waâi nám chăn kôr loei waâi nám mâi pen

I have never learnt swimming, that’s why I don’t know how to swim.


Credit pic: here

Now, let’s come back to กินไม่เป็น//kin mâi pen. This expression is most likely coming from the olden days where people would say กินไม่เป็นรส//kin mâi pen rót. รส//rót means flavour. Therefore, this กินไม่เป็นรส//kin mâi pen rót should refer to the food having no flavour and thus not being able to please the person who eats. And once someone thinks that the food is not pleasing, it can also infer that the person doesn’t like to eat the food.

Another interesting expression is:

Verb + mâi long = cannot make oneself doing something, though the usage is rather limited.

กระเป๋าใบนี้น่ารักมาก แต่สีชมพูอ่อน ฉันกลัวเลอะ ก็เลยใช้ไม่ลง

Kràpăo bai née nâh rák mâak tàe sĕe chomphoo òrn; chăn klua lér kôr loei chái mâi long

This bag is very pretty, but since it is light pink and I am afraid of it being stained, I cannot make myself using it.


Credit pic: here

And now it is quiz time:

What does this expression mean?

โกรธไม่ลง//kròht mâi long

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