Do Thai people drink water or eat water?

ดื่ม//dèum means to drink. Nonetheless for casual situations, we can replace it with กิน//kin. The latter not only means to eat, but also to consume. Here are some examples:



Chǎn chôrb kin nám phŏnlámái sòd

I like to eat/drink fresh fruit juice.

แอร์กินไฟมาก เราควรปิดแอร์ถ้าไม่มีคนอยู่ในห้อง 

Air kin fai mâak, rao khuan pìd air thâa mâi mee khon yòo nai hôrng

Air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity. We should switch it off if there is nobody in the room.

รถคันนี้ไม่กินน้ำมัน เติมน้ำมัน 1 ถัง 35 ลิตร วิ่งได้ 500 กว่ากิโลเมตร

Rót khan née mâi kin nám man, term nám man 1 thǎng wîng dâi 500 kwàa kilometre.

This car does not consume (a lot of) fuel (or it has lower fuel consumption); topping up its tank with 35 litres of petrol can last more than 500 kilometres.

Nonetheless, you can still use ดื่ม//dèum in a context of drinking beverage. No soup. No cough syrup. No liquified meals.

Also, you might find this advertisement interesting. Ploy Cherman is indeed talented. Without much make up and props, with just one light, she can demonstrate different emotions perfectly. Cheers to Ploy!

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