You’ve got a friend in me.

เพื่อน//pheûan means a friend. Now that I mentioned this word, it reminds me of this song:

This is one of my favourite shows. Woody and Buzz are surely BFF – best friends forever.

Ok, I digressed. Here are some examples:


Khăo pen pheûan sànìt khŏrng chăn

He is my close friend.


Rao pen pheûan kan tâng tàe dèk

We have been friends since young.

Another expression that I would like to introduce today is:

verb + เป็นเพื่อน//pen pheûan : to accompany someone to do something


Credit pic: here


Chăn pai doo năng pen pheûan nórng chaai

I accompany my younger brother to watch movie.

เขาไม่หิว แต่ก็กินข้าวเป็นเพื่อนฉัน

Khăo mâi hǐu tàe kôr kin khaâo pen pheûan chăn

He is not hungry, but he accompanies me to eat.


pai hôrng nám pen pheûan nòi sì

Can you accompany me to the toilet?



Pheûan khon raêk khŏrng khun kheu khrai

PS: This song may be outdated but I love the singers!

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