Lesson 27 = Bòt Thêe Yêe Sìb Jèd = บทที่ ๒๗

Things you should know about ขี้//khêe

1.) ขี้//khêe is a prefix used to indicate a less-than-desirable habit.

ขี้งก//khêe ngók = stingy


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ขี้โมโห//khêe moh hŏh = get angry easily/hot-tempered


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ขี้โกง//khêe kohng = fraudulent, deceitful, sly


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2.) ขี้//khêe is usually followed by an adjective of feeling. However there are occasions that a verb can follow.

ขี้เบื่อ//khêe beàu = easily bored


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ขี้งอน//khêe ngorn = easily peevish


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ขี้อาย//khêe aai = easily shy


Credit pic: here

ขี้ลืม//khêe leum = easily forget


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3.) ขี้//khêe can follow a subject directly; it is not necessary to add เป็น//pen before that.

น้องสาวขี้งอน//Nórng saăo khêe ngorn

คุณน้าขี้สงสาร//Khun náh khêe sŏng săan

ฉันขี้ลืม//Chăn khêe leum


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