I see…. I see what??

Just a quick note for new learners: While it is possible to simply do a direct substitution word by word, those should only be done on a relatively simple phrase, such as:

I go to work. = ฉัน/ผมไปทำงาน = chăn/phŏm pai tham ngaan

They laugh. = พวกเขาหัวเราะ = phûak khăo hǔa rór

This is what happened yesterday.

Somebody said this to me: เห็นครับ/hěn khrab

Kelly​: เห็นอะไรคะ/hěn àrai khá

Somebody: Doesn’t เห็น/hěn mean see?

Kelly: (Was thinking for awhile) Yes..?

Somebody: So เห็นครับ/hěn khráb is I see, right?


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เห็น/hěn mean to see, that is correct. However most of the time it is to see (something) with your own eyes.

ฉันเห็นนกบนต้นไม้/chăn hěn nók bon tôn mái = I see a bird on a tree.


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แม่ไม่เห็นน้องทำแก้วแตก/mâe hěn nórng tham kâew tàek = Mom did not see (that) younger sibling had broken a glass.


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Some expressions with เห็น/hen:

เห็นด้วย/hěn duâi = to agree

เห็นใจ/hěn jai = to sympathise

ไม่เห็นดี/mâi hěn dee = (I think) it is not so good like what others think.

ไม่เห็นอร่อย/mâi hěn àròi = (I think) it is not so delicious like what others think.

Now, how to reply in such situation? It will be ok to use:

โอเคครับ/ohkay khráb = okay

เข้าใจแล้วครับ/khâo jai láew khráb = I already understood.

ครับ/khráb = *Note* this is sometimes interpreted simply as an acknowledgement


Thai Slang – ป่วยการเมือง//puày kaan meuang


Let’s look at something light and short today:

ป่วยการเมือง//puày kaan meuang


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This means ‘pretending to be ill’ or ‘malingering’ to avoid doing something. Thai people believe that politics are all excuses and full of fallacies and phonies. This leads to the usage of the word การเมือง//kaan meuang (which means politics) in a meaning of ‘fake’.

วันนี้เขาไม่มาทำงาน เขาบอกคนอื่นว่าไม่สบาย แต่ทุกคนก็รู้ว่าเขาป่วยการเมือง จริงๆแล้วสบายดี แค่ขี้เกียจมาทำงาน

Wannée khăo mâi mah tham ngaan, khăo bòrk khon èun wâh mâi sàbaai, tàe thúk khon kôr róo wâh khăo puài kaan meuang, jing jing láew khăo sàbaai dee, khâe khêe kìat mah tham ngaan

Today he doesn’t come to work. He told others that he was not feeling well; but everyone knows that he pretends to be ill. He is actually well; only that he is lazy to come to work.

ทำ//tham: to make, to do, to…?

Many of you probably already knew the meaning of ทำ//tham; and that is to do, to make (comme ‘faire’ en français).

Let’s look at how we can use this word.

ทำอาหาร//tham ahhăan = to make food = to cook/to prepare the dish


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ทำขนม//tham khànŏm = to make snack/dessert = to bake/to prepare the snack/dessert


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ทำผม//phŏm = to do hair = to have a hairdo/to style hair


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ทำหน้า//tham nâh = to do a face = to have a plastic surgery


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ทำจมูก//tham jàmòok = to do a nose = to have a rhinoplasty


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ทำใจ//tham jai = to make a heart = to condition a heart/to come to terms with it


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ทำของหาย//tham khŏrng haăi = to make things disappear = to have lost an item


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ทำเขาร้องไห้//tham khăo ráwng hâi = to make him/her cry

Dard shayari sad quotes wallpapers

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ทำเป็นยิ้ม//tham pen yím = to pretend to smile


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That day of the year is coming back. I <3 Mom.

I’m so sorry I have missed the update yesterday. In Singapore, August 7 was declared a public holiday to celebrate 50 years of Independence from Malaysia. Then yesterday, August 10, was a holiday in lieu as August 9 (National Day) fell on Sunday. Sounds like a pretty good long weekend, doesn’t it?

I worked through the weekend, though.

Anyway, I have discovered this clip some time back. I actually posted it on my facebook page but here it is again. However for this, I have added a list of vocabulary that I think it is good to know.

ปิ่นโต//pìn toh : lunch box

ครัว//khrua : kitchen

ทหาร//tháhăan : soldier

สมัคร//sàmàk : to apply/to sign up

ท้อง//thórng : pregnant

ฝึกงาน//fèuk ngaan : internship

ต่างจังหวัด//tàang jangwàt : different/another province

โดยส่วนตัว//doh-i sùan tua : personally

เข้มแข็ง//khêm khăeng : (mentally) strong

เป็นห่วง//pen hùang : concerned

อันตราย//antàraai : dangerous

จดหมาย//jòd maăi : letter

สุขภาพ//sùkkhàphâab : health

แม่บ้าน//mâe bâan : housewife

แกงจืด//kaeng jèud : (clear) soup

หมูกรอบ//mŏo kràwb : roasted three-layer pork

เกลี้ยง//klîang : all gone (spoken)

ผัดผัก//phàd phàk : stir-fry vegetable

ชม//chom : to praise

ไก่ตุ๋น//kài tǔn : chicken stew

ไข่เจียว//khài jiao : omelette

แน่นอน//nâe norn : definitely

อดทน//òd thon : patient, tolerant

คิดถึง//khíd thĕung : to miss (someone/something)

ประโยชน์//prà yòht : advantage/benefit/usefulness


ahhăan kheu làk thăan khŏrng khwaam rák

Cooking is a proof of love.

Found, Establish, Start: How to say these in Thai?

Some time ago a student asked me to explain the difference between ตั้ง//tâng vs. เริ่ม//rêrm so here we go:

1. ตั้ง//tâng vs. เริ่ม//rêrm

ตั้ง//tâng + noun


Khun pòo khŏrng khăo pen khon tâng borrísàt

His paternal grandfather was the one who founded/established the company.


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Khroo tâng khôr sòrb yâak mâak.

The teacher sets a very difficult exam question.

เริ่ม//rêrm + verb


Nórng Mêhk yang mai rêrm tham kaan bâan

Mehk has not started doing his homework yet.

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Khăo jà rêrm fèuk ngaan ahthíd nâh

He will start his internship next week.

And here are more examples:

ตั้งราคา//tâng raa khaa = to set the price

ตั้งค่าหัว//tâng khâa hǔa = to set the bounty

ตั้งชื่อ//tâng chêu = to set a name = to name

ตั้งนาฬิกา//tâng naalíkaa = to set a clock = to set the time

ตั้งตัว//tâng tua = to establish yourself

ตั้งใจ//tâng jai = to intend to/to make an effort to/to pay attention to

There are a couple more ways to look at ตั้ง//tâng:

2. ตั้ง//tâng (as much as…) vs. แค่//khâe (only…)

ตั้ง//tâng emphasises that the amount is very large and แค่//khâe emphasises that the amount is very small (according to the speaker). Here are some examples:

บ้านหลังนี้ก็ไม่ใหญ่ ทำไมราคาตั้ง 10 ล้าน

Bâhn lăng née kôr mâi yài, tham mai raa khaa tâng sìb láan

This house is not so big, why does it cost 10 million (baht)?


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ก็อยู่ทำเลดี ใกล้ทางด่วน ขับรถแค่ 15 นาทีก็ถึงในเมืองแล้ว

Kôr yòo tham leh dee, klâai thaang dùan, khàb rót khâe sbì hâa nahthee kôr thěung nai meuang láew

The location is good, it is near the express way, only 15 minutes’ drive from downtown.

3. ตั้ง//tâng (stack) vs. กอง//korng (pile)



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