That day of the year is coming back. I <3 Mom.

I’m so sorry I have missed the update yesterday. In Singapore, August 7 was declared a public holiday to celebrate 50 years of Independence from Malaysia. Then yesterday, August 10, was a holiday in lieu as August 9 (National Day) fell on Sunday. Sounds like a pretty good long weekend, doesn’t it?

I worked through the weekend, though.

Anyway, I have discovered this clip some time back. I actually posted it on my facebook page but here it is again. However for this, I have added a list of vocabulary that I think it is good to know.

ปิ่นโต//pìn toh : lunch box

ครัว//khrua : kitchen

ทหาร//tháhăan : soldier

สมัคร//sàmàk : to apply/to sign up

ท้อง//thórng : pregnant

ฝึกงาน//fèuk ngaan : internship

ต่างจังหวัด//tàang jangwàt : different/another province

โดยส่วนตัว//doh-i sùan tua : personally

เข้มแข็ง//khêm khăeng : (mentally) strong

เป็นห่วง//pen hùang : concerned

อันตราย//antàraai : dangerous

จดหมาย//jòd maăi : letter

สุขภาพ//sùkkhàphâab : health

แม่บ้าน//mâe bâan : housewife

แกงจืด//kaeng jèud : (clear) soup

หมูกรอบ//mŏo kràwb : roasted three-layer pork

เกลี้ยง//klîang : all gone (spoken)

ผัดผัก//phàd phàk : stir-fry vegetable

ชม//chom : to praise

ไก่ตุ๋น//kài tǔn : chicken stew

ไข่เจียว//khài jiao : omelette

แน่นอน//nâe norn : definitely

อดทน//òd thon : patient, tolerant

คิดถึง//khíd thĕung : to miss (someone/something)

ประโยชน์//prà yòht : advantage/benefit/usefulness


ahhăan kheu làk thăan khŏrng khwaam rák

Cooking is a proof of love.


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