Let’s go shopping today!

ตลาด//tàlàad is one of the first few words that I teach my students. It means a market, any kind of market. Here I will show you different types of ‘market’.

ตลาดนัด//tàlàad nád


Credit pic: here

นัด//nád means to make an appointment

This is where the sellers ‘make an appointment’ to come and set up their stalls together, much like a bazaar.

ตลาดสด//tàlàad sòd


Credit pic: here

สด//sòd means fresh

Here, you can find fresh vegetable and fruit, butcher’s, fishmonger and the likes.

ตลาดโต้รุ่ง//tàlàad tôh rûng


Credit pic: here

โต้//tôh means to fight

รุ่ง//rûng means early morning/dawn

Literal translation gives – a market that fights the dawn, and this means the market that opens until wee hours of the morning

ตลาดน้ำ//tàlàad nám


Credit pic: here

น้ำ//nám means water

Water markets, or better known as floating markets, are usually included in a Bangkok packaged tour.

ตลาดขายของเก่า//tàlàad khaăi khŏrng kào


Credit pic: here

ขาย//khaăi means to sell

ของ//khŏrng means an item

เก่า//kào means old (for things)

As the name suggested, things sold here can be secondhand, or simply retro items that are hard to find.

ตลาดหุ้น//tàlàad hûn


Credit pic: here

หุ้น//hûn means stocks/shares.

This is probably the easiest, a stock market.

ตลาดมืด//tàlàad mêud

Jewelry and carvings are displayed during a press conference where Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., announced the guilty pleas of two ivory dealers and their businesses for selling and offering for sale illegal elephant ivory with a retail value of more than $2 million on Thursday, July 12, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Credit pic:

มืด//mêud means dark

Since it’s dark, figuratively, the authority is not supposed to see (or know) what they are selling. It could be legitimate items sold at exorbitant prices, or illegal items, of course.

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