About Me


I am a native Thai and I have been living in Singapore since 2001. When I attended a language school for the purpose of learning Chinese, the language coordinator asked me if I could teach Thai. That was when everything has started – 2007.

I have taught both individual, a small group (2 – 3 persons), as well as a large group (up to 15 persons). The locations were either at the language school itself or at the clients’ offices. My students’ profiles include doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, military personnel, businessman, housewife, and student.

I may not be a certified teacher nor did I read linguistics subjects during university. Nevertheless through my experience in these past few years, I am sure that I am able to guide anyone who wants to pick up the language to the place that he/she would like to be.

I am currently exploring the possibility of online lessons to expand students’ bases.

I know that my method of teaching may not be considered ‘official’. I am not from Arts background, and I don’t read phonetics. Therefore I am unable to teach using those useful tools. However with my method of Romanizing Thai words, you can rest assured that whenever you text or email your Thai friends, they will be able to understand what you write. This is because I make use of ‘karaoke’ Thai. It is unofficial, but people do understand.

In fact, majority of Thai people do not read phonetics. I was contemplating for awhile previously whether or not I should learn phonetics, so that I would be in line with other Thai teachers here. But then I realize that this is actually what makes me different from other teachers.

I do teach both casual and formal conversation, which means we are learning ‘speaking’. I wouldn’t be bothered to check how my students spell their words. So long as they are able to pronounce close to the original, I am good with that. Also, we are learning how to communicate, not translation. Hence certain things are just not possible to do a ‘literal translation’. We understand words as they are phrased together.

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