About Lesson

As I mentioned here, I do not know how to read phonetics. Hence the Romanizing system I am adopting here shall be called “Karaoke” system. This is to ensure that even if you do not want to learn how to write, and decide to text your Thai friends using English alphabets, it is highly possible that they will be able to understand what you say. Shall I say it once again, not all Thais know how to read phonetics. 🙂

Then how to read? Very simple, what you read is what you see. But of course, ultimately I do wish that everyone who learns how to speak Thai would also attempt reading and writing as well.

In any case, here are how I categorise my Thai lesson syllabus:

Basic : Speak like a Thai

Going on a holiday in Phuket? Visiting a friend in Chiang Mai? Doing a business in Bangkok? Let us bring you to the wonders of this land of smile. (Hint: TV series can be your best friend.)

Intermediate : Write like a Thai

So you are ready to take a step further in learning Thai. It may not look the same as roman alphabets. Nonetheless, by recognising the Thai consonants, learning some rules, you are on your way to write Thai like a Thai.

Advance : Read like a Thai

Congratulations! By now, you are able to read simple texts (and write them too). At this level, you will start to explore various types of texts, real texts that are extracted from the internet. Forums, news, articles, or even song lyrics are included.

Get in touch with us for more details on each course.

2 thoughts on “About Lesson

  1. Jenson says:

    Hi… I would like to learn Thai speaking and reading. Please advise on the fees, schedule and venue. Thank you.

    • fluffyby says:

      Hi Jenson,

      Thanks for the message! Please could you drop me an email at: kelly(dot)wariya(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll follow up from there!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


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