Happy Songkran Day!

Happy Songkran Day!

Did you know what actually happens during these few days?

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The picture below summarises pretty much the story you have just listened. As I have shared with many students, Songkran is simply not just a water festival. In fact, water splashing is just one of the activities on the day. As Thailand is a Buddhist country, it is by nature that we start our day at the temple by making merit such as offering alms to monks. Songkran lasts 3 days – 13 – 15 April of every year. Long public holiday means people who work elsewhere can return home for a visit.

Not only Thailand is a Buddhist country, we respect our elderly. As you can see from the photo below (credit from one of my Thai friends), 2 photos below exactly show what the real tradition should be. We bless them with new year wishes, and in turn we receive the blessing from our elderly.


Credit picture: May Orachat

Songkran tradition has been changed over the past decades. Nowadays foreigners would only know it as being a water festival. True enough, we splash water, but the appropriate way to do it is of course without ice (?), colors (??), shampoo (????). Simple and small water containers or water guns are considered nice as it will cause no harm (wetness) to others.

In any case, stay safe and have fun!

photo (1)Credit picture: 9gag Thai