Let’s countdown to 2016!


Kháo daao // Count down

Kháo têr // Counter (Strike)

Kháo maew // เค้าแมว

Kháo mee faen láew // เค้ามีแฟนแล้ว

The sloth cries because: there is no sadder thing than the fact that she/he already has a boy/girlfriend.

Ultraman in the kitchen!


ซาว//saao means the action of using a hand or two to swirl and rinse uncooked rice before cooking. I usually do this at least twice before putting it into a rice cooker.

Now, did you get it? Ultrasound = Ultra(man)saao = อุลตร้า(แมน)ซาว

Father’s Day :: วันพ่อ วันของพ่อ

I remembered writing an entry on father not long ago. And here I am again. I feel like one full year has just zoomed by me. They said that if you felt that way, most likely it’s because you were enjoying yourself. I think it’s true. I love what I am doing. 🙂

Anyway, as usual, this is a special entry for Father’s Day, December 5. Let’s learn some interesting vocabulary:



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พ่อตา//phôr taa = father-in-law


phôr taa kheu phôr khŏrng phanráyaa


(I almost forgot the story plot. *o*)

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พ่อม่าย//phôr maâi = widow


phôr maâi kheu phôo chaai thêe phanráyaa sĭa cheewít rĕu lêrk kàb phanráyaa


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พ่อสื่อ//phôr sèu = (male) matchmaker


khun lung pen phôr sèu hâi khăo kàb phanráyaa


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พ่อครัว//phôr khrua = (male) chef


phôr khrua tham ahhăan thúk wan


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พ่อค้า//phôr kháa = (male) seller


phôr kháa khaăi khŏrng thêe tàlàad


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พ่อมด//phôr mód = wizard

แฮรี่ พอตเตอร์เป็นพ่อมด

Harry Potter pen phôr mód


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December Treats

I have been overwhelmed by another assignment as well as my trip to Bangkok in the past two weeks. To make up for the missing entries, I will do up my articles two times a week in the month of December. So stay tuned every Monday and Thursday, 8pm, for updates!

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ส้อม vs. ซ่อม = sôrm vs. sôrm ???




ส้อม vs. ซ่อม

They are homophones, the same pronunciation but different meaning.

ส้อม//sôrm means a fork (type of kitchen utensil)

ซ่อม//sôrm means to to fix, to repair. In the school context, it means the second test that you have to take if you do not manage to pass the first one. However no matter how many marks you get from this second test, your grade will always be just enough to pass.


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