What’s wrong with you? = àrai khŏrng ther = อะไรของเธอ

It’s been a long while since I last posted! Today’s new slang/colloquial term is:


Àrai khŏrng ther

What’s (wrong) with you?

Example of how to use:

อะไรของเธอ อยากไปห้องน้ำก็ไปสิ มาชวนคนอื่นทำไม

àrai khŏrng ther, yàhk pai hôrng nám kôr pai sì, mah chuan khon èun tham mai

What’s wrong with you? If you want to go to the washroom, just go, why would you ask along other people?

(Disclaimer: Habit of Thai girls includes = not being able to go to the washroom on their own. Sometimes I am guilty of that too, depending on the time and location.)


Phôod àrai khŏrng ther khon diao

What’s wrong with you speaking on your own?

As usual, here is the question for today:

What does this mean:


àrai nîa