The feeling of “what the…” = เงิบ

Thai slang for today is : เงิบ

(Click below to listen to the pronunciation.)

When to use: when you are in the situation that you would go “how did it happen”, “what??”, “huh??”, or even, excuse me for saying it “WTF?!”.

For example, I’m sure you will still find it’s hard to believe that the person below was once a man. Maybe you didn’t realize at first, but then your friend told you the truth, you probably would go “OMG… WTH…”. Yes, that is what we called เงิบ in Thai.

DSCF9471Credit pic: here

Another example would be when someone was very badly accused of something he/she did not do it. When the truth surfaced, there would be a lot of people feeling เงิบ.


Credit picture: here

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