Thai Slang – ป่วยการเมือง//puày kaan meuang


Let’s look at something light and short today:

ป่วยการเมือง//puày kaan meuang


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This means ‘pretending to be ill’ or ‘malingering’ to avoid doing something. Thai people believe that politics are all excuses and full of fallacies and phonies. This leads to the usage of the word การเมือง//kaan meuang (which means politics) in a meaning of ‘fake’.

วันนี้เขาไม่มาทำงาน เขาบอกคนอื่นว่าไม่สบาย แต่ทุกคนก็รู้ว่าเขาป่วยการเมือง จริงๆแล้วสบายดี แค่ขี้เกียจมาทำงาน

Wannée khăo mâi mah tham ngaan, khăo bòrk khon èun wâh mâi sàbaai, tàe thúk khon kôr róo wâh khăo puài kaan meuang, jing jing láew khăo sàbaai dee, khâe khêe kìat mah tham ngaan

Today he doesn’t come to work. He told others that he was not feeling well; but everyone knows that he pretends to be ill. He is actually well; only that he is lazy to come to work.

Thai Slang – เว่อร์//wer

This comes from an English word ‘over’. When something is over or going beyond the boundary, it is said to be going beyond the standard, the norm, or normal thing that people in general practice.

To be “โอเว่อร์//over” is to be exaggerating.

กระดาษบาดนิดเดียว ร้องเสียงดังโอเว่อร์จังนะเธอ

Kràdàad bàad níd diao, ráwng sǐang dang ‘over’ jang ná ther

It’s (just) a paper cut, and you had to cry so loudly?

เขาขี้โม้ ชอบพูดโอเว่อร์ เกินความจริง

Khǎo khêe móh, chôrb phôod ‘over’, kern khwaam jing

He is boastful and always exaggerating about things.


Yàh ‘over’//‘ver’

Don’t exaggerate.


Chúd tàeng ngaan khŏrng Chomphoo suǎi ‘ver’.

Chomphoo’s wedding gown is really very beautiful.


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หนังเรื่อง Jurassic World สนุกเว่อร์

Nǎng reûang Jurassic World sànùk ‘ver’.

Jurassic World the movie is really very entertaining.


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What’s wrong with you? = àrai khŏrng ther = อะไรของเธอ

It’s been a long while since I last posted! Today’s new slang/colloquial term is:


Àrai khŏrng ther

What’s (wrong) with you?

Example of how to use:

อะไรของเธอ อยากไปห้องน้ำก็ไปสิ มาชวนคนอื่นทำไม

àrai khŏrng ther, yàhk pai hôrng nám kôr pai sì, mah chuan khon èun tham mai

What’s wrong with you? If you want to go to the washroom, just go, why would you ask along other people?

(Disclaimer: Habit of Thai girls includes = not being able to go to the washroom on their own. Sometimes I am guilty of that too, depending on the time and location.)


Phôod àrai khŏrng ther khon diao

What’s wrong with you speaking on your own?

As usual, here is the question for today:

What does this mean:


àrai nîa

เก่ง First Class = pérdsàkáad = เปิ๊ดสะก๊าด ??

Just found this, I think this is the 2nd single from the first runner up from The Voice Thailand – singing competition which had ended last year.

Referring to one of the comments (Bloody Gee): pérdsàkáad (เปิ๊ดสะก๊าด) comes from an English word : First Class. But due to the fact that people in the past did not hear this term correctly, as well as the difficulty in pronouncing the word exactly the same way as the English speakers would do, we made slight (ok, more than just slight) changes to the word – made it into something easier for us to pronounce, which is pérdsàkáad. The meaning differs slightly too. First class could literally mean, well, first class, but also the best of class. pérdsàkáad means elegant, sophisticated, and it usually is used in terms of dressing style.

This is considered a slang which has long been around, but not that popular. I would guess, however, since this (awesome) guy has put it back into context, the term might be alive one more time.