Lesson 7 = Bòt thêe jèd = บทที่ ๗

Yàhng rai / yang ngai, thammai

Yang ngai is a simplified/casual version of Yàhng rai.  This is simple because it would always be at the end of the question.

คุณนกเป็นคนยังไง นิสัยดีมั้ย เจ้าชู้หรือเปล่า

Khun nók pen khon yang ngai, nísăi dee mái, jâo chóo rĕu pláo


Ther róosèuk yang ngai kàb rao

On the other hand, thammai can appear at both end of the sentence. In addition,

instead of thammai, it is also possible to use “phrór àrai – เพราะอะไร“ or because of what. As a matter of fact, it is more common for thammai to start a question and phrór àrai to end a question. Examples are:


Thammai ther mâi mah tham ngaan


Ther mâi mah tham ngaan phrór àrai


Thammai khun yàhk rian phaasăh Thai


Khun yàhk rian phaasăh Thai phrór àrai


Thammai Romeo rák kàb Juliet mâi dâi


Romeo rák kàb Juliet mâi dâi phrór àrai

All questions above are basically interchangeable. Just one thing to note: sometimes if thammai appears at the end of a question, this would show a slight discontent of the speaker.

ดึกแล้ว ทำไมเธอโทรหาฉัน = It’s already late, why would you call me?

Dèuk laéw, thammai ther thoh hăh chăn

ดึกแล้ว เธอโทรหาฉันทำไม = It’s already late, why would you call me? (I might be groggy from being woken up in the middle of the night, therefore I am probably in a bad mood.)

Dèuk laéw, ther thoh hăh chăn thammai

ทำไมเขาอยากมาหาเธอบ่อยๆ = Why does he always want to see you?

Thammai khăo yàhk mah hăh ther bòi bòi

เขาอยากมาหาเธอบ่อยๆทำไม = Why does he always want to see you? (I might be feeling jealous because this particular guy keeps calling you, and I want to know why.)

Khăo yàhk mah hăh ther bòi bòi thammai


What is the difference between: tham yang ngai ทำยังไง and tham yang ngai dee ทำยังไงดี