One Word A Day – จี้

1. (verb)To poke by using a sharp object (not necessary a knife or a needle, it can be a pen, a stick, or even a finger)

2. (verb)To rob someone by using a knife, a gun.

3. (verb) To tickle

4. (adjective) Humorous

Other usages:

จี้ไฝ (verb): To remove a mole by laser (beam), for example.

บ้าจี้ (verb): To be overly sensitive to touch

One Word A Day – ขัด

1. (verb) To polish (shoes, floors, pots, etc.)

2. (verb) To obstruct, to go against/oppose (something)

Other usages:

ขัดใจ (verb) : To displease someone by not following his/her preference(s)

แก้ขัด (verb, adverb) : To make do with (something, by doing something)

One Word A Day : ปะ

1. (verb) To patch; eg.

ปะ yaang = To patch tyre


2. (verb) To meet (someone) unexpectedly

něe seŭa ปะ jorrákây = (direct translation) To run away from a tiger but run into a crocodile/an alligator : equivalent English idiom is ‘Out of the frying pan into the fire’


3. (colloquial) Let’s go. Please note that for this meaning the tone is not exactly so low like in the video. It has to be closer to the 1st tone (or mid tone).

One Word a Day : ท่า

1. (noun) Act, pose; eg.


Phôo chaai khon nán thâa thaang nâh song săi

That man looks suspicious. OR

That man is acting suspicious.

2. (noun) Pier, harbor; eg.


Thâa reua

Boat pier

One Word a Day : กะ

1. (noun) Work shift; eg.


Phêe chaai tham ngaan กะ chaáo

Elder brother works morning shift.

2. (verb) To estimate; eg.


Khăo กะ wâh jà tham ngaan chín née sèt nai săam wan

He estimates that he will finish this task within 3 days.

3. (conj.) And (typically used in casually spoken context); eg.


Chăn mâi yàhk pai thiâo กะ ther

I don’t want to go out with you.

One Word a Day : บาน

1. (noun) Frame, panel (of doors, windows); eg.


Châang mah tìd บาน pràtoo mái sàk

Repairman/Handyman comes to fix a teak door frame.

2. (classifier) To be used with – doors/windows (of houses), mirror; eg.


Pèrd nâh tàhng บาน née nòi sì khá

Open this window, please.

3. (verb) To bloom, to blossom; eg.


Dòrk mái บาน

Flower blossoms.


Nâh บาน

//Imagine this, the situation that makes your face blossom with (wide) smile. Hence when someone is nâh บาน means the person is extremely delighted (as obvious from the smile on his/her face).

4. (adv) Excessively (for colloquial use); eg.


Mee khon บาน bèr bon rót fai fáh

There are a great deal of people on the train.