ขั้ว คั่ว → khûa

ขั้ว คั่ว

All these are pronounced as:

Now, let’s look at the meaning.

ขั้ว = the part where stem is attached to the fruit

ขั้วแม่เหล็ก//khûa mâe lèk = magnetic pole


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หมีขาวอยู่ขั้วโลกเหนือ แต่เพนกวินอยู่ขั้วโลกใต้

Mĕe khaăo yòo khûa lôhk neŭa tàe pen kwîn yòo khûa lôhk tâi

Polar bear is in the north pole but penguin is in the south pole.


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คั่ว = to cook without using oil, to roast (coffee beans, for example)

คั่วพริก//khûa phrík = to cook chilli in a wok without using oil

ข้าวโพดคั่ว//khaâo phôhd khûa = popcorn


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ขี้ คี่ → khêe

ขี้ คี่

All these are pronounced as:

Now, let’s look at the meaning.

ขี้ = dung, poop (not a nice word, I know, the equivalent word in English is sh*t, as in a physical item, not the quality of a person or a thing). It also acts as a prefix to indicate a less than desirable characteristic. Please note that I did not use the word ‘negative’ as it may not always be the case. See here.


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คี่ = odd (number)

เลขคี่//lêhk khêe = odd number


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Thànŏn fang née jòrd dâi khâe wan khêe

Cars can only be parked on this side of the road on odd-numbered day.


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ข้า ค่า ฆ่า = khâa

For this couple of months, I am going to do a list of common words with similar pronunciation but different written forms. As to why they are written differently, I will explain in a separate post.

ข้า ค่า ฆ่า

All these are pronounced as:


Now, let’s look at the meaning.

ข้า = I (informal), it is typically used among guys. Also a rather old fashion way of calling oneself, we probably would hear this word being used in a film or a TV series that is based on olden time. Think Phee Maak. There is also another meaning, and that is, a servant, particularly those who serve in private houses. Again an old fashion word, nowadays we call them คนรับใช้//khon ráb chái or domestic helper.


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ค่า = value, or fee. Some examples are:

ของไม่มีค่า//khŏrng mâi mee khâa = worthless item


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ther mee khâa mâaak sămràb phŏm

You have much value for me = you mean so much to me

ค่าน้ำ//khâa nám = water fee = public utility bill (for water)


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ค่าเรียน//khâa rian = school fee

นี่ค่าอะไร ทำไมแพงจัง

nêe khâa àrai, thammai phaeng jang

What is this fee? Why is it so expensive?

ฆ่า = to kill. Let’s take a look at some examples:

ฆ่าเวลา//khâa wehlaa = to kill the time

ยาฆ่าเชื้อ//yaa khâa cheúa = disinfectant (in some cases this refers to anti bacterial pills)


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Fog, mist, smoke, haze… :(

I think it has been 4 weeks since I last mentioned about the situation of air quality in Singapore. Apparently things are still not improved. A Belgian student residing here told me that it looked like his hometown in February, where there would be fog everywhere and that made him crave for hot soups, hot stews, yummy. I don’t blame him – sometimes when I’m in my room (with air con set to 24 deg C – I’m cold easily!), I also feel like I need to bundle myself up before leaving my home.


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Just to realize that all I need is:


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And the atmosphere also makes me think of the song by Bird Thongchai McIntyre: หมอกหรือควัน//mòrk rěu khwan. Here is the song:

And here is the lyrics:

หมอกจางๆและควัน คล้ายกันจนบางทีไม่อาจรู้

Mòrk jaang jaang láe khwan, khlaái kan jon baang thee mâi àht róo

Fog and smoke are so similar that it is hard to distinguish.

อยากจะถามดู ว่าเธอเป็นอย่างหมอกหรือควัน

Yàhk jà thăam doo wâh ther pen yàhng mòrk rěu khwan

So I’d just like to ask if you are like fog or smoke.



Mòrk jà ngód ngaam láe tham hâi yeûak yen

Fog is beautiful and is chilling.


Săen jà yen sàbaai meûa yaam chaáo

It does give a cooling morning.

ถ้าเป็นควันไฟ ถึงจะบางจะเบา

Thâa pen khwan fai, theŭng jà baang bao

In case of smoke, no matter how thin it is,

หากเข้านัยน์ตาเรา ก็คงจะทำให้เสียน้ำตา

Hàak khâo nai taa rao, kôr khong jà tham hâi sĭa nám taa

Once it gets into our eyes, it probably makes you tear.



Ther pen yang ngai chăn yàhk róo

I wonder which one you are.

เพราะฉันดูเธอไม่ออก ยังคงไม่เข้าใจ

Phrór chăn doo ther mâi òrk, yang khong mâi khâo jai

As I cannot tell, I do not understand.


Baang thee ther pen chên mòrk khaăo

Sometimes you are just like cool mist


Láe baang khraao ther pen meŭan khwan

And sometimes you are like smoke


Chăn nán chák mâi mân jai

I’m starting to be unsure


Phrór thâ chăn tôrng sìang kàb khwan fai

If I have to risk being with smoke.


Jà triam tua láe triam jai

Then I will have to prepare myself.


Thórn tua phrór wâh klua jà sĭa nám taa

Prepare myself to be away from you – I wish not to waste my tears.

(If you notice, I think Bird was doing a sign language while singing! Can anyone confirm this?)