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Welcome to Rian Thai with Kelly! I created this blog with an intention to aid my current students in their learning – listening and pronunciation. Nevertheless everyone is welcome! I am also occasionally adding extras, tips, or anything that you might find it useful when learning Thai as a foreign language. This includes certain questions that my students have asked me and I think it would be nice to share them with others.

You can click here to go to the table of content page or use the menu on your right to navigate around the website. If you have any suggestion or question, please do drop me a message!

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Updated 24/05/15: I have completed a list of words with ใ-. Do check them out!

Updated 15/01/14: I hope to be able to keep up to this “One Word A Day” section. If you don’t see it on any day, high chances that I am preparing for some longer entries. Please be patient. 🙂

Update 24/10/13: Last week I had conducted an introductory course to Thai culture to a company in Singapore. I managed to squeeze so much information in 2 hours. I had even donned a Thai traditional costume — and they loved the Tom Yam rice crackers I had brought especially for them! I will try to get some pictures to upload on my Facebook. If your organization requires such short course, please feel free to drop me a message so that I can get in touch with you with more details!

Update 01/10/13: I have introduced a password protected page on the Listening page. To my existing students, please contact me to obtain the password. 🙂

Update 01/09/13: New album added on Facebook Page!

Update 12/08/13: My Facebook Page is up! Click here!!

Laéw jer kan ná khá


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