Finish? End? Complete?? = Sèt, jòb, lêrk: The explanation

Sèt (เสร็จ) : To finish, complete, succeed, come to an end

V + sèt

Tàeng tua sèt laéw rĕu yang, rao jà dâi òrk pai khâang nôrk sák thee

แต่งตัวเสร็จแล้วหรือยัง เราจะได้ออกไปข้างนอกซักที

Are you done with the dressing up, so that we can go out at once?


Baài née phor rian sèt rao pai hăh àrai kin kan dee mái

บ่ายนี้ พอเรียนเสร็จ เราไปหาอะไรกินกันดีมั้ย

When we are done with our lesson this afternoon, let’s go grab a bite, shall we?


Jòb (จบ) : To end, finish, come to an end

V + jòb

Chăn àhn năngsĕu lêhm née jòb laéw, ther jà ao pai àhn tòr kôr dâi ná

ฉันอ่านหนังสือเล่มนี้จบแล้ว เธอจะเอาไปอ่านต่อก็ได้นะ

I have already completed this book, you can take it, if you like.


Khăo rian jòb meûa deuan thee laéw, deuan née khăo kôr dâi rêrm tham ngaan than thee, kèng jang

เขาเรียนจบเมื่อเดือนที่แล้ว เดือนนี้ เขาก็ได้เริ่มทำงานทันที เก่งจัง

He has just graduated last month, and this month he gets to start working immediately, what a smart boy!


Lêrk (เลิก) : To be over, stop, cease, cancel

V + Lêrk (it is usually quite casual, and commonly found in a negative form)

Tham ngaan lêrk rĕu yang, wannée rao pai kin khaâo yen duâi kan mái

ทำงานเลิกหรือยัง วันนี้เราไปกินข้าวเย็นด้วยกันมั้ย

Is your working hour over? Shall we have dinner together today?


Dèuk laéw, ther yang khui thohrásàb mâi lêrk èek rĕr

ดึกแล้ว เธอยังคุยโทรศัพท์ไม่เลิกอีก

It’s already so late and you are still on the phone? (=shows no sign that the phone conversation is going to be over any time soon)


N + Lêrk

Rohng rian lêrk torn baài săam mohng


School is over at 3pm.


Lêrk (เลิก) : To give up (doing) something

Lêrk + V

Ther lêrk kin neúa pèd tâng tàe doo săarákhádee chôrng National Geography

เธอเลิกกินเนื้อเป็ด ตั้งแต่ดูสารคดีช่อง National Geography

She has given up eating duck meat after watching a documentary on National Geography channel.


Phom lêrk rian torn yòo pee sŏrng phrór tôrng choôai thee bâhn tham ngaan hăh ngern

ผมเลิกเรียนตอนอยู่ปีสอง เพราะต้องช่วยที่บ้านทำงานหาเงิน

I gave up my study when I was a sophomore (2nd year in a university) because I had to help my family earn money by working.


Lêrk + N (casual sense)

Juliet kamlang jà mee lôok khon râek Romeo kôr loei lêrk (sòob) bùrèe.

จูเลียตกำลังจะมีลูกคนแรก โรมีโอก็เลยเลิก(สูบ)บุหรี่

Juliet is about to have her first baby; that’s why Romeo gives up cigarette/smoking.



Sèt kan, jòb kan, lêrk kan: how are they different?

Color of the Days = Sĕe Pràjam Wan = สีประจำวัน

Have you ever wondered why there are people wearing yellow shirts everywhere in Thailand?

To make a short story long: In Thai traditions, there is an astrological rule that had been influenced by Hindu mythology. The color is assigned based on the God who protects the day. And the story has something to do with Shiva.

//Information below has been taken from Wikipedia.

Sunday – Shiva transformed 6 lions and a red cloth, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Surya, red body.

Monday – Shiva transformed 15 angels and a pale yellow cloth, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Chandra, pale yellow body.

Tuesday – Shiva transformed 8 buffaloes and a hazy red cloth, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Mangala, pale red body.

Wednesday – Shiva transformed 17 elephants and a leafy green cloth, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Budha, emerald colored body.

Thursday – Shiva transformed 19 hermits and a reddish orange clothe, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Brihaspati, reddish orange body.

Friday – Shiva transformed 21 oxen and a blue clothe, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Shukra, indigo body.

Saturday – Shiva transformed 10 tigers and a faded black clothe, coupled with elixir of life, and these had become Shani, faded black or violet body.

Color of the Days

**I chose the word ‘transform’ for some obvious reason.

The answer to the above question is: Our King Bhumibol was born on Monday, therefore throughout Thailand it is decorated with yellow color. When I was young, everyone would assume that I would like purple color, just because I was born on Saturday. But now no, me love some pastel colors.


On which day was our Queen Sirikit born?

Mother’s Day = วันแม่

Yep, it’s Mother’s Day in Thailand!

Why do we use jasmine to represent Mother’s Day in Thailand?


Jasmine is pure white in color, its fragrance can be felt from faraway. Furthermore it blossoms all year round. This is equivalent to the love of mother to her child, the love that is pure and has never ceased to exist.

Queen’s Birthday – Long Live Her Majesty.


//Picture credit:

Mother of Thailand, this can be no one else other than the Queen Sirikit. In the past, we would always see the news of King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit visiting people from all over the country. One of Her projects would be “The Foundation of the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand” or SUPPORT. Thai name is มูลนิธิส่งเสริมศิลปาชีพในสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชินีนาถ or the short term ศูนย์ศิลปาชีพ. Her Majesty’s thought on this came up on the very first time of accompanying His Majesty to visit people in one of the suburb areas in 1955. Her Majesty had noticed that villagers in that area were very skillful in handicraft. Hence, Her Majesty had then supported them to expand, to indirectly support them financially, by providing a venue to distribute the products. This came in rather handy when there was any nature disaster and these villagers were unable to do any plantation. They needed not to just rely on agriculture to earn a living, now that another opportunity seen by Her Majesty has blossomed.


Have you told your mom you love her?